Names of 6 people (4 women, 2 men) involved in celebrity sponsor scandal revealed


The names of six of the people involved in the celebrity sponsor scandal/prostitution ring have made their way online, all but confirming what most already knew about the involvement of G.NA and Sugar‘s Harin.

The names were recorded and available through the Seoul Central District Court’s database online, given the right information to do the search, which the netizen happened to have. According to the names that came up in regards to prostitution, the four “celebrities” are listed as Lee Harin of girl group Sugar, G.Na (Choi Ji Na), aspiring celebrity Lee Min Ji, and former beauty pageant contestant Choi Eun Young. On top of that, two men were listed for paying for sex and go by the names Choi Suk Won and Park Jung Yoon.

The reason G.NA and Harin were the face of the story given these names is relatively obvious now. And unfortunately, despite whatever personal feelings I have on the morality of this, the reality is that G.NA will bear the brunt of the backlash from this scandal, and it’s difficult to imagine her recovering from this.

That said, the far more interesting (and important) story would be who exactly was behind this prostitution ring that was bribing police, and who he was connected to. But I seriously doubt we hear much about that, since the prostitution ring news itself was comparatively irrelevant in the news media compared to the celebrity sponsor aspect of it.


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