104 arrested in prostitution ring from list of 220,000, police & brokers involved


In what I’m quite sure is connected to the ongoing prostitution charges brought in relation to the sponsor scandal in the entertainment world, police announced today that they have already booked 104 people for either illegally buying or selling sex. Also, as many have been asking for, but has not yet been covered by entertainment reporters who just want clicks, at least seven men were booked for buying sex (with more likely among the 104), and more significantly six brokers/pimps were arrested and three police officers were investigated for receiving bribes.

All of this came about after a consulting firm named Ryan & Folks released a ledger of 220,000 people who either bought sexual services or inquired about them.

Authorities opened the investigation in January, when a list of 220,000 people who patronized or inquired about sex services online was released by the consulting firm Ryan & Folks. However, police said the personal profiles in the list, including phone numbers, occupations, license plate numbers, and amounts paid were often found to be incorrect or unreliable. The list of 220,000 people also included the names of people who had simply inquired about sexual services.

Always get the ledger.

As far as how the police bribes went down, they were generally paid between $2000 and $7000 to turn a blind eye to the crime in terms of making an arrest, as well as smaller sums for alerting the ringleader to the existence of any ongoing investigation.

According to police, a sex broker surnamed Cho paid one police officer 7.5 million won ($6,338) in exchange for him turning a blind eye if or when Kim was caught. In 2013, Cho also reportedly paid 3 million won to a lieutenant, surnamed Kim, who was stationed at Seoul Gangnam Police Precinct at the time. The following year, when a 36-year-old sex broker within Kim’s business surnamed Shim was apprehended, Cho paid 4 million won to the lieutenant, who by then had been transferred to Seoul Seocho Police Precinct, to get advice on how Shim should word his testimony to police. In August 2015, Cho paid the lieutenant another 500,000 won. Kim denied having ever received bribes.

Cho told police that he coordinated sexual services worth approximately 200,000 won each to a lieutenant surnamed Kim and a sergeant at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in return for being alerted before any sort of investigation. Both admitted to receiving sexual services, but with no strings attached.

So yeah, that’s specific on how exactly these guys continue to get away with this even if it is an open secret. But that last part was confusing, because two police officers admitted to receiving sexual services in relation to a prostitution investigation that alleges they received bribes, but arrest warrants were denied.

Police submitted a request for arrest warrants for the three officers, though the appeal was denied.

Odd choice to say the least, even just based on what they already copped to themselves.

Regardless, what seems clear is that this scandal goes deeper than just celebrity sponsorship in the entertainment industry, even if people want to pretend it’s only about that.


Note: I’m not gonna write about it cause I don’t want to spread a list of names from a now-deleted post, but I’ll just say that if you see a list of celebs floating around in connection with this article, that the people included on it are names rehashed from baseless accusations from two years ago. I can’t prove they’re not involved in this, like with anything else, but I certainly wouldn’t believe rumors based on a random list of names.


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