Accused actress/model says it wasn’t prostitution, but the guy admits to charges


The latest actress/model involved in the prostitution/sponsor ring scandal (rumored to be Kang Ye Bin) has denied that she was involved in prostitution, but admitted to meeting with a man. Thing is, the man being investigated for soliciting her services has admitted to police that he was involved in prostitution.

The actress, who has received popularity through appearances in variety programs, dramas, and movies, is said to have received about 10 million won (approximately $8,500) to have sexual relations with a stock investor “Park,” who is in his forties. “Park” testified to police, “I met actress ‘A’ through a broker and solicited prostitution.”

Although “Park” has admitted to prostitution charges, actress “A” is stating that the fact the two met is true, but is denying that she engaged in prostitution.

I mean, that’s probably not the best look, and I doubt the charges end up going in her favor if the guy has already copped to it.

And lest we think this will be the end of it, police say they expect the investigation to expand.

Police expect more cases of celebrity prostitution to be revealed through this broker and are expanding the investigation.

Buckle up.


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