Hyunseung’s fandom files lawsuit against dedicated anti for harassment


Over a month ago, Hyunseung fans posted an impassioned defense with evidence that Hyunseung antis (and one in particular) were responsible for not only the anti-Hyunseung Pann posts that kept popping up but that they also managed to get their narrative into the Korean media (because of course it would be that easy).

You should go ahead and read that here, but the crux of the issue revolves around attempts to ruin Hyunseung’s reputation with K-pop fans and the general public.

They made article- writing about Hyunseung, uploaded to many communities in order to make things bigger, then, also contacted reporters, had interviews, asked reporters to release the article. They succeeded finally. Hyunseung has been under fire as planned. Yangyoseopworld and malicious fans fired gunshot toward Hyunseung using the media

The part about the anti discussing how they planned to use random pictures to associate Hyunseung with drugs was particularly convincing and quite creepy.

Anyway, fast forward a month, and now Hyunseung’s fandom are filing a lawsuit against the most prominent anti responsible for a lot of the image-ruining stuff.

We would like to make an announcement that we have filed a lawsuit to bring criminal charges against one hater. The hater has been accused of defaming Hyunseung and his family by libelling indiscriminately over last 1 year and spreading groundless rumours.

As you know, I’m torn with these types of lawsuits. Cyber defamation law, as has been gone over repeatedly, is hypothetically about individuals defending themselves from having bullshit spread about them, but is actually typically wielded as a tool of censorship over issues far more important than people saying stupid shit online about celebrities.

That said, it does seem that the case falls more under the guidelines of harassment.

She has invaded his privacy, posting his private pictures of him without his permission, sexually harassing him, manipulating community post to make people misunderstand and to undermine his reputation. Recently, she was even bullying Hyunseung’s sister. Now, she openly shows hostility towards Hyunseung and his people. Her hatred is considerably increasing the risk to harm Hyunseung again and to occur unreasonable attack towards him in the future.


The terrible part is that Hyunseung’s case isn’t uncommon. I mean, it’s a total coincidence, I’m sure, that Hyunseung went from 4-D weird cute oppar to evil fan-betraying drug user the moment he was caught allegedly meeting with a woman, right? Riiight.

Like I’ve said in the past, a lot of times these issues that pop-up on Pann that are labeled as some type of horrific affront and then consequently get spread to the media are simply executed by dedicated antis. The hope is that even though the foundation of the issue is built upon horseshit, that by the time the media picks the story up people will get too caught up in the scandal itself to actually think for themselves or look at/ask for evidence (like with T-ara, basically, is what these people hope for).

Yet, despite how many times similar stuff has happened, people don’t seem interested in learning from it, so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that people don’t stop trying.


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