C-JeS reportedly tried to settle Yoochun’s rape case with the help of gangsters


The latest twist in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case has the alleged victim and her boyfriend meeting with C-JeS Entertainment executives over the course of a week to try and work out a settlement without going through public legal channels, according to Dispatch.

Lee reportedly approached C-JeS Entertainment for an apology and compensation for Yoochun’s actions, and the agency in turn wanted to stop the news from going to legal channels.

One notable detail that is probably the most titillating is that after C-JeS reps met with the alleged victim twice, they then met with a member of a gang family, who also happens to be the father of the C-JeS CEO.

On June 4th, the day after the initial incident, C-JeS’s department head met with Lee’s side, and on June 7th, four company personnel including the director of the company met with Lee. On the same day, Lee also met with Baek, a member of a large Korean gang family, and also the father of C-JeS Entertainment CEO Baek Chang Ju. On June 10th, Baek Chang Ju sat down to talk with Lee. Lee’s side eventually took legal action and reported the incident to authorities because the two sides were not able to come up with any solution regarding compensation after a week of discussion.

Regardless of whether that meeting was innocent in nature, and assuming that it was a coincidence that he was called in after negotiations had already failed twice, there’s no other way it comes off than trying to intimidate in this situation.

Dispatch also reported some details of what was said during the mediation.

Dispatch was able to obtain some dialogue between the two sides during their initial mediation, with C-JeS Entertainment representatives saying, “We are trying to find a way to compensate this for you,” while Lee’s side answered, “She is devastated and shocked. This is the first time such a thing has happened she doesn’t know what to do.”

And there’s also more details that were produced about the motivations for the charges…

Lee’s boyfriend, who initially reported the incident, stated that she was crying when he met her the morning after she had met Yoochun at the brothel. When he asked why she was crying, she said Yoochun’s crew treated her like a plaything. According to Lee, one of Yoochun’s crew members even approached her and said, “You did it in the washroom right? Come on let’s have a go with me too.” After hearing her story, Lee’s boyfriend wanted to make them pay for the way Yoochun and his crew treated her and filed the report to the police. However, Lee decided to drop the case only after 4 days, and even worried for Yoochun, saying, “The issue blew out of proportion and I think Yoochun has suffered enough damage.”

…as well as details about what actually happened.

According to Lee, she doesn’t work at the adult entertainment facility regularly, but only 1~3 times a week and irregularly when she needs the money. Dispatch also added that while there are rumors that Yoochun paid Lee 600,000 won, a staff member from the adult entertainment establishment explained that a different girl performed a body show on the table for Yoochun and his crew, and that Yoochun had tipped her 300,000 won for her performance, which is where the rumor probably came from. Lee remained adamant that she did not take any money in return for sex, and that any rumors that she took money from Yoochun is completely false.

Additionally, the lead photo of Yoochun entering an “adult entertainment facility” is not involved in the incident, which of course infers that he visited a variety of these places regularly.


From the report, it sounds as if she had consensual sex with Yoochun and felt victimized after the fact by him and his crew for the way he treated her. While that matches with the reason she cited when she withdrew the charges, the fact that C-JeS allegedly tried to intimidate her and her boyfriend into a settlement leads to reactions like this

So what Dispatch is trying to say is that he did sexually assault her but he went back with mobsters to threaten her and shut her up before throwing down 300 million won.

…because the potential fear factor muddies the waters entirely as to what is actually the truth. And while they may be separate cases legally speaking, the existence of a second accuser is difficult to ignore.

Assuming what Dispatch is reporting is true, this is a truly ugly look for not just Yoochun, but C-JeS as well. We’ll have to see if the police investigation backs up any part of the Dispatch report.


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