[Update: Dubious Source] Police investigating gang-related extortion against Yoochun


The latest news from police on Yoochun‘s four sexual assault cases is that they’re reportedly investigating whether or not Yoochun is being extorted by a criminal organization who are using the alleged victims as a proxy.


Earlier today, when asked what I thought of the case, I mentioned strongly leaning towards the side of the alleged victims but wanting to wait for the police investigation to shake out. As it turns out, this kind of potential conspiracy being unveiled is exactly what I said it would take to clear Yoochun’s name of wrongdoing.

In any case, I have to admit that it’s difficult right now to find much going in Yoochun’s favor, so it’s not looking good for him unless his side can show that this was some kind of conspiracy to ruin him or something of that nature.

Of course, like with many other reports, we should wait to see how this shakes out. There’s nothing definitive here yet, as the police are still investigating, so unless this theory is actually proven to be reality, I still wouldn’t say things are necessarily looking positive for Yoochun overall. However, the possibility of something nuts like this emerging over the course of a police investigation is the reason I wanted to let this thing play out before making a concrete judgment no matter how it looked at the outset.


While I’m not writing off the report completely, some have brought up serious concerns with the original Korean source. While questioning the source of the translation is not valid, as @paulisteu (who has been an immense resource throughout this) confirmed the translations are accurate, the original Korean story is far more dubious.

I had never heard of the site called iKoreaDaily prior to this, and I still don’t exactly know anything about the site. However, while I was originally looking over the source prior to writing this article, I somehow ended up getting ‘Korea Daily’ stuck in my mind and believing the source being cited for this was the Korea JoongAng Daily, which is related to the JoongAng Ilbo. Obviously, I now realize that was incorrect. I apologize for the error of missing the dubious source and for any resulting confusion.

Besides the site existing in relative anonymity, there’s other reasons to wonder about iKoreaDaily. The Twitter account for the site has barely 1,500 followers with seemingly no interaction on their tweets, the articles themselves have no comments, and articles from the site are nowhere to be seen on either Nate or Naver.

It is, of course, entirely possible that a non-mainstream site broke news that nobody else got. However, what I’m saying with this update is that until this story that cites a police rep is corroborated anywhere else, I’d take it with a mound of salt.


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