Verbal Jint admits to drunk driving, and the darkness is never-ending


Verbal Jint recently admitted to being caught drunk driving on his Instagram account.

“Hello. I apologize for delivering bad news. I want to confess that four days ago, I was caught drunk driving in my neighborhood with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.067 percent. My license is expected to be suspended for 100 days. I have no intention to come up with excuses since I’m at fault, and I’m deeply regretful of my reckless actions and neglecting the possibility of a drunk driver becoming an assailant. I believe this is something that both cannot and should not be hidden, hence why I’m writing this post that makes me feel ashamed. Once again, I apologize for showing a disappointing side of myself.”

I don’t give him credit for coming out with it because realistically the only reason he’s admitting to it is because he got caught and it was only a matter of time before the media latched on anyway.

Seriously though, what the fuck is going on recently?


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