Yoochun files suit against first alleged victim for false accusation and blackmail


As Yoochun‘s side had promised earlier, today they filed a lawsuit against the first alleged victim of sexual assault, saying that she made false accusations and tried to blackmail him.

On June 20, at roughly 1:15 p.m., Park Yoochun’s legal representative from the firm Shin & Kim filed a suit at the Gangnam police station against the woman who first came forward with sexual assault allegations against the singer, although those allegations have since been withdrawn. Park Yoochun’s side is accusing the woman of false accusation and blackmail, and a report from Yonhap states that Park Yoochun’s reps are looking over similar suits against the three other women who subsequently came forward with sexual assault claims.

As I said when C-JeS Entertainment announced their intention to file suit, on the surface this move would appear to run counter to the narrative that the first alleged victim withdrew her charges because she was paid off by Yoochun/C-JeS.

Nothing unexpected here, but it could potentially be a relevant step as the bigger picture unfolds.


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