SEVENTEEN all get killed in “Very Nice” to an upbeat and fun instrumental


SEVENTEEN are back with “Very Nice“, which somehow makes all the members getting serial killed by an innocent-looking supernatural demon-woman lyke super adorbs, you guys.

“Very Nice” jumps at you from the start, which is appropriate for a song that never really lets up. The vocal verses are very nice (pun intended), and take you through more aggressive and poppy sections as well as sections that are chiller and cool before carrying you to the hook. Meanwhile, the rap verses are played generally cool with a playful tone the fits right in with the rest of the song, and even though I can’t say I’m a fan of that style I do understand the choice.

Unfortunately, the chorus doesn’t really end up hooking me. Even the pre-chorus was a cool buildup tactic, but the repetition of “nice” over and over with heavy instrumentation was an unexpected letdown for me. “Very Nice” itself isn’t like TWICE‘s “Cheer Up” in any fashion, but I’m left with similar feelings of loving most of what they did in the verses, buildup, and with the switches in instrumental, but being letdown by what seemed like sort of lazy hook that could’ve really made the song memorable.

That’s not to say I didn’t like the playful and fun “Very Nice”, but it was just a bit of relative disappointment in terms of thinking about what the song could’ve been if it had a hook that was more appealing to me.


The music video is basically the cutest way possible to show basically all the members getting murdered in cold blood by this stone-faced mystery girl. I know it’s a metaphor or whatever, but I’m still impressed by how K-pop tries to make everything and anything cute.



Also, unlike their previous effort, SEVENTEEN decided to not leave one of the strengths of the group out of the music video and included the choreography, complete with hip thrusts which clearly makes them cheap slut oppars.


The whole thing actually reminded me of a lot of BTS music videos in that they were well conceptualized, well executed, and included visually appealing choreography.


After “Mansae“, SEVENTEEN had a tough followup act and I thought they flopped to fuck and back with “Pretty U“. Fortunately then, it seems like they’ve gone back to more of their earlier formula with “Very Nice”, and despite my personal preferences on what they did with the hook, everything about the tone of the song, the concept, and the music video seems to put SEVENTEEN back on the right track.


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