‘Unpretty Rapstar 3’ lineup filled with idols and I’m praying for a mess


Unpretty Rapstar 3‘ announced the full lineup today, and while it features a ton of recognizable names and/or idols, I’m not convinced yet.

The 3rd season of the female rapper show will feature Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo, Yook Ji Dam from the previous season, former Jewelry member Baby J (Jooyeon), former The Ark member Yuna Kim, Wassup’s Nada, Jeon So Yeon from ‘Produce 101’, Grace, Giant Pink, Janey, and Kassy.

I’m hoping that somebody like Nada can make this season a fucking glorious mess like we all deserve, but the fact that they’re bringing Yuk Ji Dam back and that they’re just putting whatever idols in the lineup seems like a blatant admission that they’re just running out of people to invite at this point.

Like seriously though, the show desperately needs SOMEBODY to just make a mess of it all. PLEASE.

Grace, I’m fucking counting on you.

The show will air in late-July.


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