Woman says Yoochun followed her into bathroom + another lawsuit + conspiracies


Another woman has come forward in Yoochun‘s sexual assault case — separate from the four women who have filed sexual assault charges (one withdrew the charges) and the one woman who has made sexual assault claims in the press — and has said that Yoochun followed her into the bathroom after she was done stripping for his group. The woman did not allege sexual assault by Yoochun, just that he followed her into the restroom while she was trying to change into her clothes, and two witnesses came forward to support her story.

According to woman ‘N’ as well as two more witnesses, Yoochun followed ‘N’ to the bathroom on the same day that ‘A’ accused him of sexual assault on June 4th. It turned out that Yoochun had actually followed ‘N’ to the bathroom first. ‘N’ is actually a stripper who danced for Yoochun’s group. She herself did not make any accusations toward Yoochun, but she’s already been investigated by the police and has given her witness. One employee at the location said, “‘N’ went into the bathroom to redress herself. Yoochun followed her with a bunch of 50,000 KRW bills (supposedly tip) held in his hand.” Another employee said, “It’s true that Yoochun followed ‘N’ into the bathroom. But I don’t know what happened in there.”

Even if true, this doesn’t actually prove anything in regards to the sexual assault case (maybe it establishes a pattern of behavior?), but the optics of how this looks on Yoochun’s image is quite terrible.


Speaking of things they can prove in sexual assault cases, a lawyer made the point that the first alleged victim’s underwear having Yoochun’s DNA on them doesn’t prove sexual assault.

A lawyer was interviewed on the show, who said, “The DNA evidence will only tell if Yoochun had sexual relations with the plaintiff. It’s not enough to prove that the relationship was forced.” The lawyer added, “For sexual assault, how detailed and consistent the plaintiff’s witness is very important. Accounts of people that were at the same place, as well as the layout of the location can become very important evidence.”

Absolutely agree. It’s circumstantial, not a smoking gun. In fact, I would say if anything the underwear is more important to the credibility of first alleged victim’s accusation more than it is about Yoochun’s guilt or innocence. However, in many sexual assault cases, circumstantial evidence is about the best the police/prosecution can do.

Also of note is what the lawyer said about the alleged victim’s account having to be “detailed” and “consistent”, because that’s sort of been my point about this case as well. The alleged victims basically have to have perfect recall in cases like these, because barring evidence like video, multiple witnesses, and/or a rape kit done immediately after, it’s their memories that are on trial. Of course, it’s almost impossible to expect that from trauma victims, which is why these cases are so hard to prosecute in court.


Additionally, Yoochun did as promised in response to the accusations and filed a false accusation lawsuit against the second alleged victim.

Park Yoochun’s legal reps have sued the second accuser in the sexual assault case against the singer for false accusation, according the Gangnam police station on July 4.

This one should be interesting because as far as we know at the moment, she seems to have the case most difficult to dismiss, to the point where I haven’t even seen fans draft crazy conspiracies about it yet.


Speaking about fans and conspiracies, sometimes I have no idea what they expect from people talking about this case, even those like me who haven’t reached a conclusion yet. I’ve weighed both sides of the story so far based on available information and reason, like I typically do in controversies/scandals like this, and at the moment I just have a difficult time concluding that it’s most logical to believe this is a gang war/government cover-up as opposed to maybe (just maybe) a dude celebrity that regularly frequents sex workers has taken advantage of said sex workers a bunch of times because he feels entitled to it.

To me, this doesn’t feel like an irrational thought or opinion about the case based on what we know so far. Right?

Yet I’m fielding so many angry comments, tweets, and e-mails about this case, and most of them are chastising me for not being logical because I don’t outright defend Yoochun based on conspiracy theories that they send to me that they can’t even explain once I ask them about it.

Like I’ve said over and over, I’m open to new information changing my mind on this case, but as of right now I have no idea how so many people are so sure that Yoochun is innocent, that the reason is there’s a conspiracy behind this, and that if you think anything else you’re the crazy one.



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