Makestar is refunding the backers of RaNia’s project, so they are literally cancelled


Makestar is refunding all backers of RaNia‘s project because Makestar can’t get progress updates from DR Music.


Hello, this is Makestar.

We have an announcement for the honorary producers to the RaNia project. Despite making numerous requests to DR Music concerning information regarding the project progress, Makestar has not received any further information.

The opening, and closing of Makestar projects are by rule determined solely by the project’s creator.

However, due to the continued irresponsible behavior and stance taken by the RaNia project creator, and our unwillingness to ignore the inconvenience this is causing to the project participants, Makestar has decided to refund all funds accrued through the project.

We would like to thank the Star Makers who have waited thus far for news on the RaNia project, and we offer our regret in the outcome.

For those wishing for a refund, please send your request to: [email protected]

When you send us your request, please include the following information for quicker processing.

Your pledge number
E-mail (the one used to sign up at Makestar)
Method of payment / Card Company
Once again, we offer our regret to those who have participated in the RaNia project. Thank you.

Sincerely, Makestar


So yeah, Makestar is definitely throwing DR Music under the bus, and if what they say is true then it’s understandable.

While it’s not shocking that DR Music would fuck shit up, in a way this isn’t all that surprising when you consider that three members left between the funding and the present.

RaNia … sadly actually cancelled.


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