BamBam dropped the n-word at a party, Yugyeom got drunk or whatever


So GOT7 are in Los Angeles and at a pool party held at the house of Mark‘s parents, where BamBam and Yugyeom got in trouble for different reasons.

In one clip, a very red-faced Yugyeom can be seen leaning on a table, while a female acquaintance records him. Netizens are calling out the 18-year-old Yugyeom for underage drinking as he appears to be under the influence of alcohol. In another clip, BamBam can be heard saying the N-word, a derogatory term used against African-Americans.

In Yugyeom’s case, I just can’t bring myself to give a fuck about him drinking at 18, especially since he’s of the legal drinking age in Korea. Hard to imagine an argument where somebody is legitimately infuriated over him getting toasty at a pool party with parents around.

JYP Entertainment and their fandom are probably more concerned about him being near a woman.

BamBam, though, disappointingly dropped the n-bomb while among Mark’s friends and stuff.

Yeah, that’s crystal clear.

GOT7’s fandom is in defense mode, and yeah, chances are decent he didn’t know what the fuck he was doing or what it meant, but there’s not much to defend and it’s just a terrible look.

Perhaps on the brighter side of things, BamBam’s sister is apparently going to take the lessons/advice to BamBam.

Though I wonder why the fuck they are harassing his sister to begin with, that seems promising at least.

Still remarkably stupid, though.


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