F.T. Island surprises everyone by releasing an actual rock single, “Take Me Now”


Idol band F.T. Island are back to make up for all these years they’ve spent torturing us with weak singles by finally releasing an actual anthem worthy of being called rock in “Take Me Now“.

Bless whatever it is that sparked F.T. Island to go down this route, because the band hasn’t sound this good in years. Since the group first emerged back in 2007, frontman¬†Lee Hongki‘s voice has been at the center of praise for its god-given quality, and it shows in spades here.

From the heavy verses, smooth refrain, and overall top notch production, “Take Me Now”, off F.T. Island’s 6th studio album ‘Where’s The Truth?‘, is surprisingly kickass.

Granted, this is no Guckkasten, but for an idol rock single, F.T. Island’s newest entry goes pretty fucking hard.


“Take Me Now”

‘Where’s The Truth?’

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