Sunhwa set to get her wish and leave SECRET, according to report


Sunhwa will leave SECRET in October so she can pursue acting or whatever the fuck, according to TV Report.

The girl group member’s contract with TS Entertainment expires in October, and sources say that she’ll be leaving her label and pursuing a career as an actress. Perhaps more significantly, the speculation is that it would appear to signal the end of SECRET, which has been in purgatory since 2014.

Sunhwa, of course, has long been rumored to be done with the idol business in favor of becoming an actress, thus allegedly stalling any SECRET comebacks, and has been oddly openly hostile towards fellow members for a while now.

It’s still a rumor, but I mean, this always just seemed like more of an inevitability than anything else. Though one has to wonder why SECRET even need Sunhwa to have a comeback anyway, so perhaps all of them just go their separate ways.


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