That seemingly mythical SPICA comeback is actually happening


After a two-year drought that has felt like five K-pop eternities, SPICA aka MAMAMOO But Not Popular, will finally be gracing our inferior species with a comeback. The group dropped their first teaser image for ‘Secret Time‘ and, well, thank the gods for all that is Boa (and Narae) (and Jiwon) (and Bohyung) (and Sihyun).

Will ‘Secret Time’ be a splendid showcase of artful singing and stunning visuals? Almost assuredly! Will anyone give a shit if no one gave a half-shit about:

Probably not! Still, looking back at all the quality non-shit that SPICA has put out over the years, there is little reason to doubt that ‘Secret Time’ will definitely be a great single tied to an above-average video that will likely be forgotten by the general K-pop population within a few weeks.

Such is the life cycle of MAMAMOO But Not Popular. But hey, at least the comeback is happening! (I will now steel myself for my own inevitable hype that will come crashing down in spectacular fashion once its met with music chart reality.)

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