Lizzy calls out Pledis CEO for not giving her work … Orange Caramel is doomed


At a press conference for ‘Please Look After My Vanity‘, for which Lizzy will be MC, she decided to air out Pledis Entertainment‘s CEO.

When asked about how she feels joining the show as an MC, Lizzy said, “I thought my source of income had dried up,” and explained, “Now that the end of my contract is nearing, [the company] isn’t giving me any work.” Lizzy then picked her agency CEO as someone she wants to watch the show. She said, “I want our CEO to watch the show. I hope he sees ‘Please Look After My Vanity 2’ and comes to his senses.”

Perhaps she said this with a different tone than I’m imagining, but it sure as hell sounds like she’s pissed with her situation, which makes sense since it’s plain to see that she’s a member of After School (and the only of Orange Caramel) that isn’t getting much the way of gigs.

Most importantly, though, her contract is ending and it sounds like she won’t be renewing, so … shit, I think After School and Orange Caramel really are dead soon.



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