Cheng Xiao is rising (in male communities) thanks to ‘My Little Television’ appearance


Cheng Xiao is blowing the hell up on the Korean portal sites thanks to her appearance on ‘My Little Television‘, where they learn how to surf or something.

But really the most important thing is that she’s in a wetsuit and her “glamorous” body is on display.

She’s #1 on search rankings, a lot of that is due to male boards for HEALTHY reasons, I’m sure.

1. [+576, -57] Being hated on Nate Pann means that you’re pretty and have a great body
2. [+396, -28] The rival to Soyu and Jun Hyosung was in WJSN all along ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
3. [+374, -34] The best physical out of any girl group
4. [+318, -24] Look at her body still shine through the rash guard
5. [+290, -21] Her thighs look so healthy

1. [+86, -11] Wow, those thighs
2. [+77, -8] She could even do a tumble without her hands, her thighs are amazing
3. [+63, -7] Wow~~~~~ those thighs… she must really work out
4. [+17, -4] Thought she was Chun Li
5. [+15, -2] Honey thighs, I’m in awe;;

1. [+143, -26] I’m seeing her for the first time and she’s perfect. Pretty, perfect body, white skin… the perfect target for women to hate.
2. [+96, -14] Probably the best body I’ve seen out of the recent idols
3. [+86, -10] That body…
4. [+5, -2] And Seolhyun’s generation is now over ㅋㅋㅋ
5. [+3, -0] Sungso’s so pretty!!! And a cutie on ‘My Little TV’ too!!



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