Actor Takahata Yuta has rape charges dismissed despite his confession to the crime


In what is basically a horrifying result for public safety, actor Takahata Yuta is having sexual assault charges against him dismissed even though he confessed to authorities that he sexually assaulted the victim. Reportedly, the reason prosecutors are dismissing the case is because he reached a settlement with the victim, which is fucking ridiculous.

Yet somehow, reading what happened is far worse than how even that sounds.

For those unaware of what has been going on, back on Aug. 23, Yuta was arrested on charges of sexual assault after allegations were made that he sexually assaulted a hotel employee. Most importantly, he admitted to the crime, telling police, “I saw the woman and couldn’t contain my desire.

According to reports, Takahata called the front desk of the hotel late on the evening of the 22nd to ask for a toothbrush to be brought to his hotel room. The victim, a woman in her 40s, arrived to the room and was forcibly pulled inside by Takahata. She suffered injuries such as bruising on her feet after having her arms and legs held down by the actor. It was reported that he was seen drinking with staff at a restaurant in the city earlier that evening.

Going back to today, Yuta was released from custody and yelled ‘sorry’ to the media.

When released from police custody on Friday, the actor who came into the public eye after appearing in NHK’s drama series “Mare” last year, bowed deeply and told the media, “I am very sorry,” before being whisked away by staff.

Yeah … fuck off forever.

I’m not sure how the prosecutors can justify him not seeing jail time due to a settlement being reached. The victim not wanting to deal with a media circus and wanting to at least come out of this with financial compensation for the wounds inflicted on her life doesn’t have much to do with the fact that a guy who “couldn’t contain his desire” over an employee delivering a toothbrush to him is now out and about mingling with the rest of the public. It’s scary, because he sounds like exactly the type that will do this over and over again. It’s just … I don’t know what to say.

Basically, they can’t even send a guy to jail who confesses to a violent, horrifying crime, so what chance do victims of sexual assault who have their assailant deny the charges have? Solid message to send. But hey, the justice system always results in justice, right? Ugh.


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