Jung Joon Young’s ex releases statement on alleged sex tape scandal


While I could see both sides of the Jung Joon Young case, my main problem was that we never heard from his ex, and I was resigned to the fact that we probably never would. However, the ex recently posted a four-point statement on the case, which is believable but also makes it hard to tell exactly what to make of the whole thing.

1. On the existence of the “sex video”
Such a video does not exist and never has. The video in question is a 2 second long video and even that was deleted on the day of. I am so angry and frustrated that the video is being reported as a “sex video that was filmed under consent”. I have never done such a thing.

2. On the matter of libel (slander)
Due to the sensitive nature of the subject, this may be understood differently by everyone. However, I can be not guilty of libel even if Jung Joon Young is innocent of all charges. Please do not hurt my feelings by talking about charging me with libel. Although I may appear to you in the form of simple texts, I am at the other end of things a person and a woman with a fragile heart.

3. Why you cancelled you suit after filing a case against him.
This is personal. Do not ask me about my personal life. I cannot talk about everything that happened between me and Jung Joon Young and the feelings shared by us. If I speak of one thing this would lead to more and more conjectures and I do not feel like turning into an animal at the zoo. What is important is that Jung Joon Young is a good, kind man and we both support and wish each other the best.

4. To all those who love and cherish Joon Young
I am sorry to everyone that loves Jung Joon Young. I was scared but this lay so heavily in my heart that I could no longer hide. So I made the difficult decision to say these things. Please lay down all your suspicions and trust Joon Young. I am sorry that I made such a big deal out of something that could have been worked out through a conversation. I am sorry that I took it to the police and turned this into a huge issue and hurt so many people. I was immature and short sighted. I beg everyone that I hurt for their forgiveness. I will also think of all the criticism and hardship that I am going through right now as punishment and endure. I am sorry

So basically, the explanation on the “sex tape” was that it was just a short clip that was just taken while messing around, which is plausible enough, IMO. But the rest of it basically seems to be her doing damage control and then apologizing, but not actually addressing what actually happened that made her go to the police and what made her eventually drop it.

Regardless, while one could still see this as fishy if you want, I’d say this has to do go down as at least a major point in Jung Joon Young’s favor now that she’s spoken out and corroborated at least a part of his side of things.


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