Rookie Releases: Bulldok, BOYS24, Victon, The East Light, Eyedi, KATE, Bolbbalgan4


Personally, I think this particular ‘Rookie Releases‘ is chock full of gems, and I’m very excited to get started. As always when it comes to K-pop, creep with care and age check these fetuses because I sure as hell won’t do it for you.

Let’s go!



Yes, this came out three weeks ago, so apologies for the lateness. Unfortunately for BULLDOK, their debut song isn’t particularly good, but I see a few potentials in this group. Particularly the two blonde rappers, who I imagine will become strong stan attractors should they survive. The real reason I’m including this group of Produce 101‘ rejects, though, is because their fandom’s name is Hotdog. No, seriously. They took a poll, and ‘Hotdog’ won.

BOYS24 – E

The male version of ‘Produce 101’, self titled after their reality show contest, ‘BOYS24‘, has officially debuted with title track “E.” This really reminds of older SM Entertainment songs with the repetitious lyrics “E, energy, E … mergency, E … lectricity”, heavy electronic sound, and staccato phrasing throughout. All it needed was some heavy auto-tune, and we would’ve been right back in 2009/2010. Jesus, even the styling and sets would’ve fit into that time frame. I did enjoy to a degree how (I can’t believe I’m about to use this word) “throwback” it felt, but the fact that it sounded so outdated made me wonder if that’s a good thing.

VICTON – I’m Fine

Meet VICTONA Pink‘s brother group! I absolutely adored this song and the music video. Great beat, catchy chorus, colorful video, cute dance, and I thought the styling was perfect. The raps weren’t even bad! Fantastic debut.

The East Light – Holla

This band of mop heads giving you Hanson (but cooler) vibes are called The East Light, and their first music video for their single “Holla,” is nothing but pure adorable fun. I thought this was so refreshing and the video appropriately reckless. As a bonus, they do some cute covers on their YouTube channel, like Twice‘s “TT and other various Top 40 hits.

Eyedi – Not Lonely

Pretty R&B vocalist Eyedi debuted earlier this year with “Sign and has returned with the second song, “Not Lonely.” While I don’t find this super unique, and think her debut track was much more of a standout, it’s still a solid track with an appropriately winter-like vibe. I really like the warmth that the organ, triangle, bells, and muted horns add to the song. I think her delivery particularly modernizes the effort, and I’m really looking forward to what she releases next.

KATE – I Don’t Wanna Go

Another lady that loves to use R&B styling within her vocals is KATE, and she’s returned with her second single, but first music video, with “I Don’t Wanna Go.” Truthfully, this seems like it would’ve been much more appropriate to release during spring or summer. It’s a shame, but regardless, I loved her retro styling in the video and I think this shows a lot of potential.

Bolbbalgan4 – Hard To Love

Bolbbalgan4 might be familiar if you watched ‘Superstar K6‘, and they’re a duo made up of vocalist Jiyoung and … everything else-r Jiyoon. (They also go by Bolppalgan Puberty, but I’m using what’s been on their official releases on YouTube.) While they might not technically be rookies, this is their first official album and only their third single. Jiyoung’s unique and wonderful vocals really make this song what it is, in my opinion, and even though the music video was rather simple, I still found myself watching from start to finish. I really love this ballad from them, and it proves they can do more than just catchy pop songs, even if that’s where their strength lies. I also highly suggest checking out the entire album, too, called ‘RED PLANET.’ Thoroughly enjoyable!


That’s the end of this one! Hopefully you took away a new artist to watch, or at least some giggles, from what these fresh faces served up.

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