AOA’s Jimin drops n-word covering Nelly’s “Get Like Me”, apologizes for being dumb


AOA‘s Jimin dropped the n-word while covering a Nicki Minaj verse in Nelly‘s “Get Like Me” and then promptly apologized for being a dumbass, basically.

I think there’s a case that me making you listen to that attempt at a cover is just as offensive as Jimin dropping the n-word in said cover. Yikes.

Anyway, Jimin quickly took it down and proceeded to issue apologies to people who were sending her a DM about the issue.




She also made a post on Instagram.

Like I’ve said other times Korean idols have dropped the n-word while covering a song that includes the n-word, it’s ignorant and stupid, but usually not malicious. I always liken it to J Reyez‘s attempt to recover the word “chink” and how it would be hard to blame a non-English speaker for using it in a cover if he were relevant enough to cover.

So in my opinion (not that mine matters the most here), if the apology appeared genuine, that’s grounds for forgiveness and just using the misstep as an educational moment instead of endlessly harping on it like nobody’s fucked up before and like she actually hates black people or something. And, uh, let’s be honest, she doesn’t even know her own goddamn country’s history, so I mean … expectations shouldn’t be high in terms of eruditeness, put it that way.


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