Jessi is still getting nuts at clubs and shit, police show up at MV filming


Jessi, who has a history of alleged assault incidents due to what is surely some huge coincidence, had another alleged assault incident that resulted in authorities being called, this time at a music video filming at a Gangnam club.

According to the Apgujeong police branch office, the police received a report on November 17 at around 9:30 p.m. that there was a physical altercation during a music video filming at a club in Gangnam District. The police revealed, “There were two groups involved, Jessi’s team and alleged male victim A’s team, and they got into a verbal dispute over the fact that [one group didn’t receive the greeting of the other group]. Things escalated into a physical altercation.”

The guy allegedly assaulted by Jessi testified that things did get physical, while Jessi denied it, but nothing further went down because they didn’t want charges brought.

“At the scene, A testified that he was physically assaulted by Jessi, but Jessi denied the allegation,” the police continued. “The testimonies were conflicting, but both people didn’t want to be penalized. At the end of their conversation, they made up with each other, and everything was resolved at the scene.”

Meanwhile, YMC Entertainment denied anything physical took place.

A source from Jessi’s agency YMC Entertainment has however denied that there was any physical violence involved, “While [at the club] to make a cameo in Duble K’s music video, Jessi met A for the first time in a while. While talking, there was a miscommunication, and they got into a verbal dispute. There was absolutely no physical assault. … During the verbal dispute, one of A’s group reported [the incident], but even before the police arrived, Jessi and A had already resolved [the misunderstanding]. The police arrived, but the two had already made up, so they left. It was just a happening.”

On one hand, Jessi comes off like the actual fighting iljin thug that netizens randomly accuse every idol of being for laughably tame shit. On the other hand, when she sasses somebody like Zico, more and more it comes off as less bluster and more of a credible threat that she might actually take him out back to the woodshed and spank that ass.

Pluses and minuses.


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