Hong Sang Soo seeking divorce from wife after alleged affair with Kim Min Hee


Hey hey hey, remember that story from last year that director Hong Sang Soo (54) was dating actress Kim Min Hee (34) despite the fact that the director had been married for over 30 years? Remember how the actress reportedly told the wife “you should’ve managed your husband better”? Remember how three months later it was reported Hong and Kim broke up despite the fact that they were also denying that anything was going on to being with? Then remember how literally a day later it was reported that they were definitely still fucking?

Yeah, well, turns out those reports were probably accurate, as the director is now seeking a divorce from his wife.

Hong, 56, filed for divorce from his wife only referred to as Cho, 56, at the Seoul Family Court, Nov. 9, according to media reports. An associate of Hong told News1 Korea that Hong and Cho’s marriage “has already been destroyed” and Cho has been avoiding Hong, who has been trying to persuade her to divorce. The settlement did not mention alimony or property division, which, according to the associate, will be discussed later.

It would be petty, but I would find it extremely gratifying if the wife drags this out as long as possible so they can’t live in peace.


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