‘SNL Korea’ apologizes to just B1A4 for sexual harassment, concerning reports emerge


In response to being caught on video sexually harassing members of boy groups INFINITE and B1A4, ‘SNL Koreareleased an apology to just B1A4.

Hello, this is SNL Korea. We would like to apologize to the members of B1A4 and fans for our aggressive actions in the “Behind the casting of B1A4” video that was posted to Facebook on the 26th. The actions towards the hosts were inappropriate and we will make sure nothing like this happens again.

While that’s nice, it basically ignores INFINITE, as well as concerns that this has been a regular thing on the show. Besides, I honestly think the cast involved should be fired over this, as one could easily make the case that this was criminal.

The most concerning thing, though, is that I’m reading unconfirmed reports that ‘SNL Korea’ does this to every male guest on the show as a hazing ritual of sorts. We will see if credible sources eventually confirm those rumors, but that would add an even worse dimension to all this.


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