Block B also subjected to same sexual harassment as INFINITE/B1A4 on ‘SNL Korea’


After it was revealed recently that B1A4 and INFINITE had been subjected to sexual harassment by the female cast members of ‘Saturday Night Live Korea‘, the staff issued an apology, but just to B1A4.

Well, now it has been pointed out that Block B also suffered the same treatment from female cast members when they guested on the show.

Just looking at Zico‘s body language after makes me feel shitty. Yikes.

That’s now three groups that we know of who have been subjected to this, so it certainly makes those unconfirmed reports that ‘SNL Korea’ does this to every boy group as sort of a hazing ritual appear to be accurate. I speculated that might be the case when this was initially found, simply because everything seemed to be planned out and normalized.

It’s honestly disturbing how nobody thought at any point that this kind of shit might be a bad idea.


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