Lee Se Young apologizes to B1A4 for harassment, Jinyoung addresses controversy


Saturday Night Live Korea‘ cast member Lee Se Young apologized to B1A4 in a handwritten note for the sexual harassment controversy.

“Hello, this is Lee Se Young. I apologize for worrying everyone with my wrongful actions. I personally apologized to each individual member on set, and with this letter, I want to once again apologize to all the fans and B1A4 members. I’ll reflect on my actions time and again so that something like this does not happen again. I sincerely apologize.”

At B1A4’s showcase, they were asked about the growing issue, and Jinyoung expressed concern mainly for their fans.

Jinyoung talked about the incident, saying, “Honestly, it happened so suddenly that we didn’t know what to make of the situation. So we watched the video again, and we thought it would make the fans worry a lot. As big as the controversy is, we’re going to power through and work harder on our album.”

It’s nice of B1A4 to not want to stir the pot anymore than it already is (or maybe they feel they have to “take it like men”, I dunno), but I doubt these curt apologies are really gonna do it. That’s especially true since ‘SNL Korea’ seem to be avoiding the issue of this being a thing they’ve done to at least three boy groups now, and that it involved a lot more than one cast member. I dunno what they are thinking exactly, but it’s like they believe if they only apologize to B1A4 and scapegoat one cast member, then people will pretend it’s only about B1A4 and the one cast member instead of being the major controversy it is because it appears to be so wide ranging.

I don’t think fans are falling for that shit, so they should probably get their shit together in regards to this sooner than later.


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