Big Bang return with “Fuck It”, a chill and fun song with undeniable replayability

Big Bang has returned to us with “Fuck It.” With a title like that I expected something different than what we eventually got, and while that put me off for a bit, I definitely came around in the end.

My immediate reaction was to be underwhelmed with how it sounded, thinking perhaps they went a bit safe despite the song being called “Fuck It”. That’s still sort of true to an extent, but as the song wore on, it was impossible to ignore how easy it was to get into.

The thing that struck me in the end is the replayability of all this. The chorus doesn’t jump at you with a loud drop or explosive energy, but the chill-out beat that does come is infectious and the hook is surprisingly memorable, especially with the drawn-out crooning of the last notes. The verses for “Fuck It” build up to the chorus and never get repetitive because a different members puts their individual stamp on it, and T.O.P in particular excels with his rapid-fire flow and authoritative tone that provided the type of gruffness that was needed at some point in this track.

Furthermore, Seungri‘s bridge continued the trend of avoiding repetition, starting almost a capella, including a harmonization from Taeyang, Daesung, and even G-Dragon. However, the instrumental slowly but surely begins to kick back in, managing to build tension for an impending release even in that moment. From there, one would think the track could just ride out the aforementioned chorus to the end by just adding volume, but instead they add a choral effect and distortions to the vocal along with other bells and whistles to the instrumental to make sure we always get something fresh. It was definitely a commitment from start to finish, and the effort in the production was tangible.


The video didn’t do anything too complicated, not focusing on a plot or anything like that and keeping things simple. It was probably for the best, as the video matched the mood of the song from the relaxed beginning to the party atmosphere at the end.

Imagine looking as cool as T.O.P while rocking pink hair.

Be as happy as Daesung riding a five-person bicycle.

It all makes sense now.


As I’ve already mentioned, the replayability of “Fuck It” stood out, likely because there was always something new being thrown at you from the beginning to the end. Most importantly, though, it’s just a lot of fun and is exceedingly easy to enjoy.

So enjoy it, cause this is the last of Big Bang we’re gonna get for a while.


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“Fuck It” Song


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