Big Bang’s “Last Dance” aims to make stans cry, is cheesy for everybody else

After the fun of “Fuck It, you knew Big Bang was gonna come with some kind of emo shit given the state of their career, and they certainly did with “Last Dance“. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to elevate the genre.

Big Bang came with the melancholy shit that likely aimed to make their fans everywhere weep until we no longer have a world water problem.

We know this because of the use of kids in white…

…the fact that they’re singing this in post-apocalyptic settings…

…and that they’re giving off ‘Titanic‘ at the front of the boat poses.

Unsurprisingly, this effort wasn’t up my alley at all, and while I get the sentiment here, there are so many cliches it honestly crosses over into cheesy.

Like seriously?

Come on.

I kinda hoped Big Bang would find a way to do this different, but I guess not.


‘Made’ Album

“Last Dance” Song


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