T-ara apparently exempt from Hallyu ban in China due to establishing themselves

The soft Korean entertainment ban in China has left a lot of Korean stars high and dry already, but mainly a lot of people concerned trolled for T-ara and how they would fare now that their main source of income had been threatened to be yanked away by political disputes.

Well, apparently the group won’t be affected, as T-ara are said to be exempt from the Korean entertainment ban under the guise that they had already established themselves in China.

No word on how legit this is as of yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

After all, they’re under Banana Culture and Wang Sicong, and blacklisting T-ara would cost him money. Therefore … magic. T-ara’s probably gonna find a way to make it work in China since there’s too much demand and money to be made (by a rich Chinese dude) to let politics get in the way.


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