Yoochun’s initial accuser & accomplices sentenced to jail + concluding thoughts

The last update we got on JYJ‘s Yoochun‘s sexual assault scandal was that there was an arrest warrant issued for his initial accuser. Well it was recently announced that the initial accuser, her boyfriend, and a gang member will all be getting jail time.

On December 22nd at the Seoul Central court, Ms. Lee – who formerly accused JYJ Yoochun of raping her – was sentenced to 2 years in prison for false accusations and attempted extortion. Her boyfriend was sentenced to 1.5 years in jail, and a Korean gang member who claimed to be Ms. Lee’s older cousin was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail.

This outcome doesn’t surprise me given what we knew about her allegations, her actions after the case went to police, and the fact that she copped to asking for money. Given the gang member’s involvement, logically it seems to have gone beyond her just asking for a settlement for being sexually assaulted and was more like blackmail than anything else.


Of course, there were four other alleged victims involved in the scandal for which Yoochun also won’t face charges. Thus, as I’ve been saying, it’s unlikely we’ll know what actually happened in all of these cases and that leaves the waters quite murky, which isn’t all that rare in alleged sexual assault cases like these.

In the end, people will come to whatever conclusion they want about this scandal, and the tough thing is that I’m not sure anybody can be truly “right” or “wrong” because there’s so much room for interpretation of what happened at the present. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable treating him the same as guys like Park Si Hoo or Kim Hyun Joong, where regardless of the legal decision I can easily make a logical argument that they are guilty of what they were accused of. In Yoochun’s case, it’s hard to be concluding much of anything based on what we now know, because while there’s no evidence that all of these accusations were a connected conspiracy against him or something, there’s also no smoking gun in any of the cases that allows us to point the finger definitively at Yoochun.

So I hope we get even more clarity at some point, but I doubt it.


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