Mino allegedly drops n-word in this cringe skit with Bobby where they act “gangsta”

Mino of WINNER and Bobby of iKON have come under fire recently for a recently revealed video in which the duo act “gangsta” and Mino alleged drops the n-word. It’s supposedly a skit for the Japanese debut of their unit, MOBB.

This is one of the most cringe-worthy, tryhard things I’ve seen in a while, and the transcript somehow makes it worse.

Bobby: Hey, put your hands up. Drop the gun on the ground.
Mino: Man, N*gga.
Bobby: Drop the gun on the ground. I said drop the gun on the ground.
Mino: Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up
Bobby: Aite, turn around, turn around.
Mino: I have no money
Mino:I ain’t got no money, man.
Bobby: Follow me [Say This], “I am stupid” [In Korean] Mino: Yo…
Mino: Woah
Bobby: I’m serious, man.
Mino: I am stupid. [In Korean] Bobby: Louder man, louder
Mino: I am stupid. [In Korean] Bobby: Stay right here.
Mino: Man..

Given the nature of the skit, I totally believe Mino dropped the n-word, but I gotta admit I don’t hear it that clearly. However, others have helped us a bit with the video and Koreaboo (of all places) has an explainer as to why he wasn’t saying something else.

But look, even without the slur, this is honestly just terribly embarrassing. It’s up there for me with KO‘s legendary “Here We Go. For somebody with severe second-hand cringe, MOBB’s skit was basically a crime against humanity.



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