Henry thanks fans for support via video, which comes days after his cry for help

Henry of Super Junior M, who recently had a bit of a meltdown on Instagram, is apparently feeling a lot better today and posted up a video on Instagram thanking has fans and seemed generally encouraged.


wouldnt still be here if it wasnt for you all. thank you so much for…for just being there for me everyone!!! ive seen all your messages and comments. dont know what i would do without you all. lets get through this together!!!!!! love you all and happy new year! please translate to other languages!! i promise this year we will have more chances to meet (fan meetings, fan signs, concert?!, albums) im so sorry for making you all wait so long but i just want to let you know ive been trying my best but…its just not easy!!! please dont give up on me!!!

Bad for schadenfreude, but good for him. I guess Henry just needed to have a whine for a day or so? I get it.


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