Tencent’s annual stats reveals Escape Trio™ (Kris/Luhan/Tao) are killing it in China

Tencent recently released their annual statistics for Chinese entertainment and it revealed that our Escape Trio™ is killing it.

Most Commercially Valuable Celebrities
1. Hu Ge
2. Kris Wu
3. Fan Bingbing
4. Deng Chao
5. Angelababy
6. Zhao Liying
7. Luhan
8. Tiffany Tang
9. Yang Yang
10. Yang Mi

Most Commercially Valuable “Fresh Meats”
1. Kris Wu
2. Luhan
3. Yang Yang
4. Jing Boran
5. Zhang Yixing
6. Li Yifeng
7. Wang Junkai
8. William Chan
9. Wang Yuan
10. Wu Lei

Top 10 “Hottest” Celebrities
Wang Junkai – 144,122,427
Jackson Yi – 97,170,943
Luhan – 95,129,311
Kris Wu – 94,680,989

Wang Yuan – 83,698,978
Li Yifeng – 71,770,931
Yang Mi – 70,456,034
Zhao Liying – 67,728,058
Zhang Yixing – 67,506,168
Fan Bingbing – 54,188,086

Top 10 Trending Celebrities
Wang Baoqiang
Ruby Lin
Kris Wu
Fan Bingbing
Yang Mi
Zhao Liying
Tiffany Tang
Zheng Shuang
Li Xiaolu

Top 10 “Hottest” Singers
Kris Wu

Zhang Yixing
Hua Chenyu
Jay Chou
Chris Lee
Zhang Jie
Huang Zitao

Top 10 Hottest Songs
Kris Wu – From Now On (72573)
Kris Wu – July (71692)

Pikotaro – PPAP (43,362)
Luhan – Catch Me When I Fall (33863)
Wang Junkai – Ode to a Tree (32677)
Xue Zhiqian & Isabelle Huang – 来日方长 (There Is Plenty of Time in the Future) (30976)
Faye Wong – 你在終點等我 (You’re Waiting For Me At The End) (29490)
Wang Yuan – 因为遇见你 (Because I Met You) (29128)
Zhang Jie – Give You My World (27298)
Yoga Lin – 全世界誰傾聽你 (Who Listens To You Attentively?) (24837)

Variety Show Personalities Who Were Paid The Most Attention To
Huang Zitao
Xie Na
Jia Nailiang
He Jiong
Wowkie Zhang
Xue Zhiqian
Song Xiaobao
Du Haitao
Guo Degang
Wong Cholam

Top 10 “Fresh Meat” Box Office Performance
Kris Wu (1.31 billion yuan)
Jing Boran (1.28 billion yuan)
Aarif Lee (1.071 billion yuan)
Luhan (1.004 billion yuan)
Yang Yang (814 million yuan)
Liu Haoran (682 million yuan)
Li Yifeng (434 million yuan)
William Chan (420 million yuan)
Chen Xuedong (383 million yuan)
Wang Yuan (383 million yuan)

Kris and Luhan are obviously seen more than Tao, but Tao has easily released the best music of the trio so far thus I count them all as killing it in one way or another.

It’s actually pretty crazy to see the numbers laid out like this. I figured they were popular but the statistical reality was actually above the hype, which is a rare thing.


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