So I did my investigation into Pledis Girlz and came away impressed

In fulfilling my pledge after the glorious peace summit that Pledis Girlz stans held between Korean and international netizens, I have gone back to take a look at the stuff Pledis Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group has done.


Back in June, they released “WE“, and I think I remember why I sorta pushed them to the backburner until debut.

I feel like I hear a song like this from nugu girl groups a dozen times a year, so I just kinda didn’t bother. It seemed like something for the fans, which is totally fine, but not something that was gonna get me into them.

Fortunately, it got better from there, as somebody linked a video of them covering After School‘s “Bang” and they absolutely kill it.

Now I see the hype.

This impression was only furthered with their covers of SEVENTEEN‘s “Adore U“…

…and SNSD‘s “Catch Me If You Can“.

Quite frankly my main concern is that the only original thing I’ve heard from them is “WE” and I worry they’ll go that route instead of all the dynamic concepts they’ve shown capable of tackling in covers.

Perhaps most importantly, though, this happened.

Apparently their group name is gonna be determined tomorrow, and if I know K-pop it’s gonna make fans wish they stuck to Pledis Girlz.


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