Wonder Girls reportedly set to leave JYP Entertainment, will look for new company

In what would be a somewhat surprising move after a successful comeback with “Why So Lonely“, the Wonder Girls have reportedly decided to move on from JYP Entertainment and are now looking for a new company.

What it sounds like to me is that they have a whole leg out of the JYPE door already, but nothing can be finalized technically because their contracts aren’t up yet and other companies can’t announce anything official.

This news isn’t necessarily as shocking as it would appear since their contracts expire this month and they hadn’t yet renewed as of last month, but given their relationship with each other and general success I figured they’d stick under JYPE. However, it’s also likely that since JYPE has TWICE now they can’t be fucked promoting Wonder Girls properly (and really haven’t done shit for them in a hot minute), so perhaps this end was always more likely than most thought. Also, before everybody panics, I haven’t seen any reports that say they’re disbanding.

Regardless, interested to see where they go from here.


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