[Update] Netizens are now even more upset about Sulli’s fried rice dick pic for hilarious reasons

So I actually didn’t write last night and took the time to catch up on sleep, and apparently I missed Korean and international netizens getting their genitals lit on fire by Sulli making a dick out of fried rice and generally having fun on vacation.

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That was my reaction and I scrolled past it, though I knew the potential shitstorm from Korean netizens was coming, and it did.

International netizens predictably followed suit with a mixture of not understanding how men work, concern trolling, and random lectures from tweens (even Pann Choa got in on the fun).

Yo, shout out to these people for thinking men have standards and shit. Bless your little hearts for thinking that women having sex will prevent every man in Korea from wanting to wife an attractive woman ever again, but boy are you in for some shit once you hit the real world.

Hey, this person with an avatar from ‘Yuri On Ice‘ is upset about relationship behavior that society considers deviant.

I’m sorry that your parents suck so bad and that they are so goddamn lame. To me, it is in fact very not normal to not be able to have fun without fear of your father disowning you or whatever the shit.

What would my dad say?

Probably send me another text with a pic of a cloud that looks like an asshole, dick, or middle finger that he saw while golfing. And you know, while his joke e-mails and texts can get lame and annoying from time to time, comments like these just make me appreciate that he’s not a lame-ass, stuffy, authoritarian cunt like some of your parents. Thanks, mom and dad and sister.

I can’t tell if these top-voted comments talking about the disrespect to food are trolling or not. Boy are these kids in for a shock once they find out what art people make with food, what Japan does with bento, or even when they visit a Benihana. Or, uh, you know, this:

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Playing with food is literally the point of these establishments. You can get fried rice or teppanyaki or whatever anywhere.


The thing I noticed is that people get REALLY upset when you don’t get offended at some random harmless thing a celebrity does. What do we need to twist to justify this? Nothing, I just honestly don’t care and I find some of her posts amusing, but mainly I find comments like these hilarious which is why I post about it. If you look at the tag for Sulli, most of it is reacting to these dipshits getting mad at her.

Regardless, nobody has yet been able to explain to me why exactly I’m supposed to get heated over this.

Oh man, unfollowing somebody on Instagram is about the same as having to move your residence. A Korean made the analogy and posted it, so it must have wisdom.

Maybe netizens would, but I would write how stupid it was to care, like with this.

I especially like the boy group stans going around saying shit like, “IF THIS HAD BEEN OPPAR YOU WOULDN’T BE LAUGHING ABOUT THE IMMATURITY!”

On a related note, there’s this.

I love TOP, but how oblivious do you have to be to stan TOP with a ‘TOP IS DADDY’ handle and be upset over an idol’s usage of SNS and sexuality?


Anyway, like I said above, the reactions to her doing shit is basically why I started covering this. It’s quite entertaining to see people get triggered by this nonsense.

And in the end, the worst thing she’s done recently is whatever this is to her hair.

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Netizen Buzz just released an article comparing Sulli to Kim Kardashian and I am CHOKING.

Talk crap about Kim Kardashian all you want but she’s never done anything as cheap as making a penis out of her food




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