Rookie Releases: INA, VARSITY, Top Secret, MIXX

It’s 2017, there’s fresh blood in the water, and the K-pop Gods have said, “Let them debut.” Most of these are cringe in one way or another, so I hope you’re as excited as I am!


INA – “Rainbow”

INA‘s debut as a female solo artist is a bold choice considering very rarely do female soloists find success in K-pop outside of debuting in a girl group first, so I’m kind of rooting for her on principal. “Rainbow” isn’t awful (if we ignore the rapping), but it’s just not a song I’d listen to. I see the potential, and find her adorable, but there’s something about it that’s far too Disney-Channel-theme-song, and not one of the ones I can laugh at myself for loving as a guilty pleasure.

Varsity – “U R My Only One”

Varsity are really trying their best to make me dislike their debut by writing the song title as “U R My Only One” paired with this music video that was edited in a way to not properly show what looks like could’ve been a cool dance. (It’s almost like they insisted on showing every time they were not synchronized.) Well, they failed, because the chorus is catchy and the double time sold it for me. Plus that one member who looks really angsty the entire time who does all the talking parts in the chorus? Stay broody, babe.

Top Secret – “She”

Now, Top Secret did the exact opposite as Varsity on “She” and I’m angry and hurt. The song opens and you’re like, “Okay. I see you, choreo!” and now you’re kind of hyped, but just when you start to vibe these man children start singing with their heavy, wobbly ass vibratos and the song just progresses into a giant disappointment by the chorus.

MIXX – “Love Is a Sudden”

The adorable little ladies of MIXX have survived to release their 2nd single, “Love Is A Sudden.” They’ve added a member from the last time we saw them, which doesn’t really mean anything since I don’t know which one she is anyway. It definitely reminds me of their first single, Oh Ma Mind, which is good, but also sort of bad because I like the first single a lot more. There’s some cute parts in the choreography, but overall, I found it forgettable. A positive thing to note, though, is that some of them sounded a lot less childish in this song.

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