EXID release Chinese MV for “Up & Down” after some edits & controversy

Originally I was going to run the article on EXID‘s Chinese remake of “Up & Down” a couple days ago, but much like the song, the company has had the music video up and down on YouTube. Eventually Banana Culture explained why, and it was basically to make edits so that the Chinese weren’t offended.

“We have re-edited and uploaded the music video after it was judged that there was a problem with it. We determined that a scene where it was filmed in a set similar to the Forbidden City could deemed as problematic by the domestic (Chinese) audience, so we have deleted this part. While originally filming, we consulted with the Chinese staff to make sure it would be acceptable. Although we did not receive a complaint [about the scene] right after the music video was uploaded, we decided it would be best to edit it regardless, taking into account potential problems in the future.”

Well, whatever, I guess.

The main thing is that it’s up now and they look as spectacular as was advertised in the teasers.

Well, at least as far as stereotypical Chinese cosplay goes anyway.


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