FLOWER’s “Monochrome” full PV reinforces my enjoyment of their new path

The full music video for FLOWER‘s “Monochrome” was finally released, though I had a hell of a time tracking it down in a format that I could post for all of you, so I hope you goddamn enjoy it.

Everything I wrote about the release previously still stands, and the additional video and song just served to reinforce my earlier thoughts.

FLOWER acquit themselves well in this type of genre, even if it is a bit unsurprising given the E-Girls connection. But not only is “Monochrome” a quality effort, it could also potentially send FLOWER down a fresh new road that frees them from basic mid-tempo purgatory.

I’ve actually given some of FLOWER’s previous releases positives reviews, but it did feel they were going a bit stale in terms of repetitiveness, so I just felt like a “Monochrome” release could be a positive development that adds to their versatility.


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Thot Leader™