Kim Hyun Joong’s ex to face defamation & fraud charges over previous miscarriage claims

Kim Hyun Joong‘s ex will face defamation and fraud charges over her allegedly lying about a previous pregnancy and having a miscarriage due to KHJ’s abuse.

The Prosecutor’s office has found that the Kakao Talk conversations, pregnancy tests and miscarriage claims by ‘Choi’ to be false. After reviewing all the documents, it was concluded that ‘Choi’ was never pregnant when she claimed she had a miscarriage. In the upcoming trial in March, the focus in the trial will be on ‘Choi’ and her false accusations against Kim Hyun Joong and the defamation of character against him.

It seems important to note that this relates to the alleged miscarriage, which was always in doubt even to me. As much as I reiterated that this admitted domestic abuser was a piece of shit, I also thought it was possible she was making up stuff about the earlier pregnancy and miscarriage, perhaps to get back at him for abuse.

Yes, given the text message evidence, it seemed likely that something happened between the two of them during that time period, but in the court of law, text messages aren’t sufficient to prove a case. When the text messages were the only evidence we had to go on, I personally had to lean to her side, but the general lack of hard evidence provided on this pregnancy/miscarriage issue is exactly why I said this was far murkier than the other points of contention and that it’s possible this part was a fabrication. And if we are to believe this media report, then it certainly seems like she basically tried to get a bigger payday out of him and fuck his life up even further.

So … I’m not sure this is as big of a deal as people are playing it up to be if even I thought this was a possibility a year and a half ago. Plus, despite what the headlines read, this is just the prosecution’s case against her from court. As in, nothing has been proven yet at all.

While chats related to the alleged previous pregnancy and miscarriage may have been doctored, it seems important to re-iterate that even his lawyers didn’t challenge the validity of the most damning bunch of them (don’t worry KPOPALYPSE, the jokes are still good to go).

Basically, his ex got caught allegedly trying to extort $1.6 million out of KHJ for a pregnancy/miscarriage that didn’t happen, and if that ends up being proven true in court, then she’s gonna have to face the consequences for it.


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