Suzy latest to be accused of lolita, which causes some to realize this is all BS

Suzy of miss A is the latest female star to be accused of promoting lolita, this time through a Pann post that digs back to 2015 to find it.

Fortunately, it’s just Pann and it’s Suzy, so it’s likely to die out before becoming anything…

…but that’s sorta the point, right? The IU witch hunt started this whole mess, so she was always going to get flack for it. Sulli rumors were floating around since the time she left f(x) and everybody believed the sasaeng psycho fansite manager, plus she’s “crazy”, so of course it makes sense she would love child abuse or whatever. But now it’s Suzy taking similar photos, so a lot of netizens who would fucking burn their houses to the ground in heated anger if Sulli did it are realizing that maybe this isn’t what’s going on here.

Gonna be great when all the “progressive” international netizens find out this has nothing to do with “concerned” Korean netizens caring about kids and everything to do with their formerly “innocent” female idols now owning their sexuality.

Well, whatever it takes I guess. I just wonder how far this “trend” has to spread before people realize they are imagining shit. Oop.


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