‘Produce 101’ kill it on ‘Golden Tambourine’, Yoojung disses Doyeon, Jo Kwon does SIA

Golden Tambourine‘ had one of the good episodes again, thanks in part to their normal cast, but also because of the ‘Produce 101‘ girls (including JeA) showed up as guests.


In terms of shocking performances, here’s Kim Sohee (CIVA, represent!), Han Hyeri (seriously), and Kang Sira performing JYP‘s “Who’s Your Mama“.

This performance includes Han Hyeri’s chipmunk face sexing it up and Kim Sohee smacking ass.

Somehow though, that wasn’t even the most shocking performance of the night, with Yoojung taking her turn as HyunA with “RED“.

But even more than that, it’s the fact that she changed up the lyrics of the rap to diss Doyeon.

Your height that’s growing day by day,
I’m not jealous of it,
You don’t need to give it to me,
I’ve got the long hair,
And though I’m short,
I’m good at singing and dancing,
I’m so good that I got to become the fixed MC of ‘Golden Tambourine.’



As mentioned, JeA was in attendance, so it’s appropriate that Doyeon and Somi covered Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Abracadabra” with guest rapper Nada.

JeA, of course, killed her stage with Doyeon and Somi, covering Insooni‘s “Friend“.

The weirdest and yet oddly one of the best pure covers was Jo Kwon doing SIA‘s “Chandelier” with Yoo Se Yoon dancing.

Then to wrap it all up, the entire cast covers Davichi‘s “8282“.

It’s impressive, honestly.


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