Suzy celebrating the popularity of “Pretend” is about the only good part of it

In what will probably come as a shocker to nobody, I didn’t care for Suzy‘s “Pretend” a whole lot. I mean, at least it’s a pre-release I guess, but its popularity is puzzling.

Despite pacing intent on killing us by boredom, I had hopes for at least the content of the song when it started. Suzy seemed vulnerable and talking about fake happiness, so I thought it was gonna be about her celebrity and stuff like that, but then it started talking about regrets over leaving her man for another. At that point I looked up the writing credits, and it was somebody else, so I was back to square one with my conclusion that if this was released by anybody else, nobody would give a shit. And you know this, because songs like this are released by indie artists weekly and nobody cares.

I could understand the hype if she was a singer/songwriter on this, writing about something deeply personal, but given that she’s just singing somebody else’s words and it doesn’t even relate to her life, it’s hard to understand exactly what’s being run with here. The vocal performance is emotional and I give her credit for that, but it’s inauthentic at its core and it’s not especially impressive regardless.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter a single bit because it achieved an all-kill on the charts, and also provided the most entertaining thing to come from this release: Suzy reacting to the chart performance.

I know, I know, “IATFB doesn’t like a ballad, shocking” yadda yadda yadda, but this was a particularly uninspired effort.


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