Suzy surprises with “Yes No Maybe” debut and gets her Wong Kar Wai aesthetic on

Following her pre-release with “Pretend“, which I didn’t like, Suzy‘s solo debut has finally dropped with “Yes No Maybe” and it’s a massive improvement.

Suzy surprised me with her performance on this, showcasing a sultry vocal that played into this sound extremely well. She eventually works her way up into the pop range for the chorus, and while she doesn’t have the powerhouse vocal finish that most people fap to unconsciously, it especially isn’t necessary on a song like “Yes No Maybe”. Suzy definitely comes off as a credible soloist if she stays in her wheelhouse and doesn’t get too ambitious with it.

What could turn a lot of people off this effort is the instrumental, which at times can come off uninspired. I get it. On first listen I thought it was just alright, with a rather bare bones but repetitive production. However, after repeated listens I found that the minimialistic foundation beat worked quite well, the flute-ish sound played intermittently throughout was a great touch, and it knew when to add and subtract tempo. Furthermore, the post-chorus helped to break up potential monotony by switching the format up a bit.

“Yes No Maybe” is one of those releases where I understand the people who found it uninteresting, but I believe this will hold up over time extremely well as I found the replayability factor very high and that it gets more interesting instead of less as time goes on.


All that said, the song plays second fiddle to the video, which is art. And I say that not because the director was particularly genius, but because he copped the entire aesthetic from a genius in Wong Kar Wai, especially his “Chungking Express” and “Fallen Angels” films.

I guess one could see this as a bit on the nose, but I thought it was nice to see it reimagined for a video concept.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Suzy herself rocks the visual and looks great.

It was a bit of a surprise to have her kill a couple of people in the end…

…and while I’m not sure I quite understand the whole plot, I’m choosing to believe she did it just so she can sleep in like it shows at the end.



The song and video apart are quality, but together they work wonderfully, and this solo debut surprised me in its effectiveness. As mentioned, I understand those that find the song a bit bland or the video a bit on the nose, but I thought they both transformed into something more than their initial impressions gave off. Specifically, the replayability of this debut is what eventually convinced me, and Suzy ended up with a quality solo debut single.


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