Moon Hee Jun fans upset that Moon Hee Jun saved the money he made over the years … yup

Moon Hee Jun is getting married to Crayon Pop‘s Soyul in a couple of days, and because fandoms never mature, they are mad at Moon Hee Jun for saving the money he’s made over the years. That’s basically what it is.

The issue arose over a comment he made on the show “Sing For You” in January. When someone mentioned that he must be “losing” a lot of money by preparing for his upcoming wedding to Crayon Pop’s Soyul, Moon Hee Jun replied, “Why did I save my money for all these years? I like to think it was all for this, so I’m happily enjoying my wedding preparations.” Fans were upset by this comment and netizens began suggesting that his recent 20th anniversary concert was held just to get money from fans.

Oh wow, what a monster. Fiscal responsibility! Fuck, time for the witch hunt.

In his statement, Moon Hee Jun said, “I get frustrated by a lot of things, but the thing that made me most upset was people saying that I used my 20th anniversary concert to collect marriage funds. ‘Does Moon Hee Jun think of his fans as ATMs?’ I’ve never once thought this for a moment so I’m upset. Whenever things like this come up, I’m afraid that another misunderstanding will arise if I address it, so I was afraid to say anything. In case my fans were hurt by the things I said, I decided to keep quiet.” He continued, “Now I’m afraid to even hold concerts. It’s unimaginably painful to think that a singer won’t be able to stay on stage, but now that people are saying I hold concerts so I can get married, I don’t have confidence anymore. The 20th anniversary that resulted from me always putting my fans first and being passionate about my music, please don’t distort it anymore.”

His fans are currently bending over backwards trying to make excuses for why they now hate giving Moon Hee Jun money, which includes talking shit about Soyul (SHOCKER!!!), but it’s painfully obvious that this is about him getting married. It’s comically transparent that “issues” like this start to happen as soon as a public relationship is announced (or even when rumors are spread).

So yeah, what an evil man for saving his money.


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