Hwayoung finally shows determination, leaves message to haters on Instagram

Hwayoung has been getting it quite good on Instagram ever since her and her sister got exposed as snakes by basically everybody that has ever worked with T-ara, and so she had a clear message to haters recently on Instagram.

“(To all the haters) It seems like what you want is some pathetic official statement saying it’s your fault~ or my fault~ but all of this started from us being young and inexperienced in communicating our feelings five years ago. It seems like you haters won’t be satisfied until we grab each other’s hairs out in a mud slinging fight. The ones that need to watch out are yourselves.”

Nobody wants to see a fight, people want to see you sack up and take responsibility for once instead of trying to deflect to literally anybody else. Imagine if she had showed this level of determination to speak loudly and clearly right away back in 2012 instead of milking sympathy out of shit that didn’t happen for five years for the sake of her career. But hey, Hwayoung’s response does at least appear to confirm the type of attitude on display that had the former T-ara staff willing to spill.

Anyway, Hwayoung lasted less than a week getting hate on social media before snapping at people, and it was honestly nothing really even comparable to the national-level shitstorm T-ara were involved in.



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