Jei says that FIESTAR is staying together forever, so don’t listen to idiots like Asian Junkie

Jei recently posted on Instagram with Cao Lu to denounce the faithless heretics at Asian Junkie who thought FIESTAR might be disbanding due to her agency change and Cao Lu’s individual activities.

촬영중 히히 아무걱정말아요 계속 함께니깐♥️

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In the post with Cao Lu, Jei says that she’s currently shooting something and that FIESTAR will always be together so fans shouldn’t worry. So I guess the move of agency for Jei is just for her acting career after all.

Thank god.

Not that I was ever cynical about this and lost faith in FIESTAR, causing me to write a panic article about their status. What kind of unreliable piece of shit site would do that? Certainly not one with as sterling a journalistic reputation as Asian Junkie.


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