Hwayoung was supposed to end bullying rumors on ‘Taxi’, went off script + call for apology

So, um, about that Hwayoung and Hyoyoung appearance on ‘Taxi.’ Well, according to one report, the show invited Hwayoung with the idea of ending the witch hunt of T-ara, but Hwayoung basically went off script.

“According to broadcaster message, they did invite Hwayoung to end the ‘T-ara bullying scandal’ witch-hunting. However, Hwayoung didn’t listen and talked solely on her thought through broadcast.”

Well, uh, that decision didn’t quite work out, huh?

I mean, after her outburst recently, there are now editorials being written calling for her apology.

Also, some people are apparently regaining their memory.

Somebody will undoubtedly twist this into evidence that T-ara was bullying her, I’m sure. You know, just like how you’re bullying if you call out the lazy, entitled kid who isn’t pulling his weight in a school group project.


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