Kim Min Hee of “manage your husband better” fame, doesn’t care about discrimination

Kim Min Hee, the actress who once reportedly told the wife of the man she was fucking “you should’ve managed your husband better”, is still fucking Hong Sang Soo. But this time she’s in the press for reasons aside from that, mainly her hot takes on gender discrimination.

“While working, I’ve never felt that I was being discriminated against for being a woman. There are a lot of great women and actresses but I think it’s because there are more movies about men that male actors stand out more. I think it can’t be helped considering our society and the circumstances. I don’t have any big problems about it.”

Korean and international netizens seem to not have much problem with this, but her logic is stupid as hell to me. Aside from how her answer uses anecdotal evidence to dismiss the existence of gender bias in the Korean movie industry (which is hilarious), her answer doesn’t even address … well, anything. Her logic is basically that shit is the way it is, so just keep the status quo and it’s not worth even trying to change anything.

Then again, I guess the lack of caring for the situations of others makes sense.

No word on whether Hong Sang Soo has gotten his desired divorce from his wife of 30 years yet.


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